NICO Europe's product safety

sicherheit erste geschrieben auf the straße

When dealing with fireworks, security is the most important factor throughout every step of the production and supply chain all the way to the final customer.

Safety in the manufacturing process

The manufacturing of our products takes place to a large extend in the Far East. China has a very long tradition of the development and manufacturing of fireworks, and, like most industry sectors there, has approached western production standards within the past decades. The factories in China commissioned by us have extensive experience in producing fireworks for the European market. They meet the strict quality and safety requirements of German authorities as well as the ones requested by NICO Europe and our customers.

Permanent quality and safety checks

We are always alert for you! During the production in China, the company ITQS (International Technical and Quality Services Ltd.), performs quality and safety checks regularly. ITQS has been granted the license by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) to audit and inspect with the same standards. Compliance with specified and set parameters is done on site in order to record deviations and immediately eliminate defective products before shipment to Germany, if necessary.

On top of this, NICO Europe conducts additional performance checks. Right after the arrival of the products in Germany, our quality assurance team in Wuppertal checks and tests them again. This multi-stage procedure enables NICO Europe to provide high quality and safe products.


We always aim for the highest possible level of quality and safety in our product portfolio for you and your customers. With the know-how and extensive experience of our Chinese manufacturers regarding European requirements in production and transport , their certification, and NICOs additional quality checks in Germany, we can reach that goal. At the end we hope that all end user will enjoy our products by handling them with respect, caution and care.

We wish you lots of joy when using our pyrotechnic articles!