nico europe hoffest 2014 sliderbild 30 jahre pyro-partner in roter flammenschrift
nico europe hoffest 2014 moderatoren auf bühne in action
nico europe hoffest 2014 band ulli und die grauen zellen auf der bühne gruppenfoto
nico europe hoffest 2014 gruppenfoto von pyrotechnikern beim abschlussfeuerwerk
nico europe hoffest 2014 hertha berlin maskottchen bär herthinho vor sponsorenwand
nico europe hoffest 2014 viele Menschen auf Biergarnituren sitzend, bunte grilanden überall, panoramablick über den den Hof
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nico europe hoffest 2014 aufbau stand pfeilflug zielscheiben und köcher nebeneinander aufgestellt

30 years of Pyro-Partner – A very special event

More than 1,200 guests followed our invitation to the 16th courtyard party on 7 July, 2014, and experienced an entertaining and exciting evening at the courtyard party 2014.

As this year we celebrate our 30th company anniversary, there were several special items on the agenda. We were very happy about the positive feedback, the interest in our products and of course the gratulations. Of course, a birthday cake must not be missing, then. Many guests took the opportunity to mingle with colleagues and professionals from the event and fireworks industry and the retailing industry.

The Berlin TV presenter Ulli Zelle and his Band "Ulli und die grauen Zellen" arranged for the dancing music. At the same evening, a donation cheque was handed over to "Freunde des Deutschen Herzzentrums Berlin e.V.". With sponsorship projects like "Herzoperationen für Kinder" (heart surgeries for children), the association every day supports activities in order to help people with heart disesases and ease their suffering.

The evening's absolute highlight was the impressive premium fireworks show made by the show designers of our sister company Potsdamer Feuerwerk.

Everyone's eyes and mouth stayed wide open, our guests had never before seen such a thing.
Our photographers were very diligent and captured all sorts of emotional moments for you.
Here you find the photo galleries of the courtyard party 2014 as well as the video of our gorgeous conclusion firework:

The entire team expresses its gratitude to all of our guests, partners and sponsors for a wonderful, breathtaking evening.
We already look forward to the next courtyard party and Germany's largest branch meeting in this field of business.

Many thanks to our sponsors for the courtyard party 2014!

Gold sponsors:

Silver sponsors:

Bronze sponsors:

We express our gratitude to our promoters and partners:

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