Our partners - together we are strong!

Only by choosing the correct partners we can provide our customers a maximum of service. On this page, we quickly introduce our most important partners to you.

Association of the pyrotechnic industry (VPI)

The association of the pyrotechnic industry (German: VPI – Verband der pyrotechnischen Industrie) provides guidance to manufacturers of New Year’s fireworks, professional fireworks, and pyrotechnic ammunition. The major task of the association is to represent economic and technic interests of its members, such as NICO Europe.

BAM - Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

BAM (in English: Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) is a German scientific-technical federal agency which regularly monitors the NICO quality assurance system in Germany and Far East.

In Germany, as certified entity, BAM is also responsible for the approval of new products. Already at the product development stage all the way to the approval, we cooperate closely with BAM.

Geuther & Schnitger Logistics GmbH & Co. KG

The international operating forwarding agency Geuther & Schnitger is our partner on the import of our products from Asia and their transportation from the port to our warehouse facilities.

DB Schenker

The forwarding agency DB Schenker, whose historical roots date back to 1872, belongs to our most important forwarding agents. The exchange of consignment data happens automatically und enables us and our customers to track consignments at any time.

Raben Logistics Germany GmbH

The international operating forwarding agency with branches in eleven EU countries was founded in 1931, and is used by us especially in Southern and Western Germany. The consigments we send with Raben are also trackable at any time.

Essing Sprengtechnik GmbH

Especially for the transport of display fireworks we are actively supported by Essing Sprengtechnik GmbH. Founded in 1990, the company specialized in the transportation of explosive substances.


For many years now, we have been supported at our courtyard party by Pfeilflug. With her company Pfeilflug.com, the 6-fold German Champion and 2005 World Champion Annette Tunn creates indoor and outdoor events in biathlon and archery with heart, soul, and effort on various occasions (Christmas Celebration, wedding, summer party, etc.).