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17th Courtyard Party – a great celebration and anniversary party for our pyrotechnician team

On 13 June, 2015, we hosted our popular courtyard party and more than 1,000 guests followed our Invitation to the courtyard party 2015. Together with our sister companies Potsdamer Feuerwerk, NICO Feuerwerk and NICO-Lünig Event, we experienced an exciting evening with a terrific entertainment programme. As in the previous years we bearbecued, danced and laughed with one another. Many guests used the opportunity to catch up with friends and associates of the fireworks trade, from event management or the retail industry. Whether Poker or Blackjack, Archery or Judo for Kids, for each taste a great activity was being offered. At the midnight tombola and the after show party that followed, there was a lot of partying and dancing to hot rhythms until dawn.

The absolute highlight of the evening was the impressive premium pyromusical of the Potsdamer Feuerwerk pyro designers. For more than 25 years, the pyrotechnician team has enchanted spectators with their fireworks shows, combined with stunning light and laser artworks in the sky.

In case you did not know: The Masters of Fire will, as the first Company from Berlin, go into the international competition at the Pyronale.
We keep our fingers firmly crossed!

Our photographers were very diligent and captured all sorts of emotional moments of the courtyard party 2015 for you.
Here you find the photo galleries as well as the video of our gorgeous conclusion firework:

Photo galleries of the courtyard party 2015

The entire team expresses its gratitude to all of our guests, partners and sponsors for a wonderful, breathtaking evening.
We already look forward to the next courtyard party and Germany's largest branch meeting in this field of business.

Many thanks to our sponsors!

Gold sponsors:

Silver sponsors:

Bronze sponsors:

We express our gratitude to our promoters and partners:

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