nico europe hoffest 2017 kampfsportshow buehne
nico europe hoffest 2017 abschlussfeuerwerk
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19th Courtyard Party in Berlin

On 17 June, 2017, we hosted our popular annual courtyard party including a demonstration of our product innovations and closing fireworks.

 More than 1,000 guests followed the invitation to the courtyard party 2017 and took the opportunity to mingle with colleagues and professionals from the event, fireworks, and retailing industry, and to establish valuable new contacts - e.g. with Sixt, Volkswagen Automobile Berlin and further Partners.

Together we experienced an eventful evening with an awesome entertainment programme including Archery with the world champion Annette Tunn of “Pfeilflug”, “Kindercircus (children’s circus) Vegas” to join in, and the martial arts actionshow by Lothar Nests’ martial arts school on stage – for each taste, a great activity was offered. Apropos taste: Also our culinary offerings came up with many highlights. Alex Landbrot delighted us with crispy flat breads from the stone oven with fresh toppings, while fish lovers could pamper their palate with freshly smoked fish at Olaf der Fischer’s.

The absolute highlight of the 2017 courtyard party was the impressive premium pyromusical of Creative Director Thomas Schenkluhn from Potsdamer Feuerwerk. For over 25 years, the team of pyrotechnicians has enchanted auditors with their fireworks shows combined with breathtaking light and laser artworks in the sky.

Following the fireworks and the afterwards tombola, together we celebrated and danced to hot beats and rhythms until dawn on the After Show Party.

Our photographers Melinda Rachfahl, Jan Schugardt, Thorsten Gottschalk, and Cornelius Prade have been very diligent and caught lots of emotional moments for you.

Galleries & Video

nico europe hoffest 2017 empfang


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nico europe hoffest 2017 abschlussfeuerwerk


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Yard & Stage

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Sponsors & VIPs

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nico europe hoffest 2017 kinderprogramm blondes lächelndes mädchen mit pferdeschwanz und gesichtsbemalung

Children's Programme

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nico europe hoffest 2017 tombola gewinnspiel auslosung

Tombola & Party

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The entire team expresses its gratitude to all of our guests, partners and sponsors for a wonderful evening. We already look forward to the next courtyard party and Germany's largest branch meeting.

Many thanks to all of our partners

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